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CME at 57th Annual Conference - “MASTACON”

The Continuous Medical Education (CME) program was held as a part of 57th annual conference – “MASTACON” in collaboration with Indian Medical Association at IMA Hall, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur.The three day conference was organised between 3rd & 5th November, 2017.

 On 4th November, 2017 a joint session by NCI and IMA - “Novel Cancer Treatments” was held where Medical experts from NCI addressed the session on various topics, followed by a Panel Discussion on “Precision Cancer Surgery”.

During this joint session, NCI also organised a guest lecture by Dr Fairooz Kabbinavar, MD, Ex-Prof Oncology-UCLA, Director – Immuno-oncology, Genentech, USA on the topic – “Immune System – An Old New Weapon Against Cancer”.

The team NCI was headed by Dr. Anand Pathak, Medical Director, NCI and Dr Atul Adaniya, Jt. Director – Clinical Operations, NCI.