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Department of Laboratory Medicine

Spread Aprox. 10,250 square feet ably supported by all latest generation machines providing accurate, reliable and reproducible reports - helping Oncologist to make clear judgements regarding patient management.


The cytology section helps in early diagnosis of tumors with CT and USG guided FNAC alongwith facility of ROSE to evaluate adequacy of aspirates. Fluid cytology ( Thermo Fischer Cytospin 4 ), scrape cytology, imprint and crush cytology are additional modalities available.


The Histopathology section handles all surgical pathology specimens, with excellent grossing support , tissue processing ( Leica Automated tissue processor, embedder, microtome, Automated Stainer ) and facilities for immunohistochemistry to further refine the diagnosis of different tumors.

Frozen Section

A Frozen section facility with Leica Cryostat ( CM 1860 UV )machine is located near the Operation Theatres to provide facility of rapid intraoperative diagnosis, helping the surgeons make critical ‘on-table’ decision making.


This test helps to classify different cancers accurately, thus helping the patient get precise treatment. The Test can be done on the Fluid sample or Tissue sample taken for biopsy. Test is done by fully automated, state of the Art Roche Ventana System.


The Hematology section hosts Siemens Advia 2120i cell counter, Beckman Coulter Navios Ex Flow cytometer, Sysmex 600 series automated Coagulometer and Sebia Hydrasys electrophoresis system for comprehensive blood analysis.

Flow Cytometry

This test is done on blood or Bone marrow samples of patients suspected of Blood Cancer- Leukemia. Highly accurate , 10 color Flow cytometry equipment by Beckman Coulter.


The microbiology section takes care of preventing and managing various infections ( Laminar Air Flow (THERMO) 1300 Series A2, BIOMERIEUX VITEK-2 COMPACT 30, BIOMERIEUX BACT/ALERT 3D ) to which the immunocompromised cancer patients are especially vulnerable.


The biochemistry section is equipped with latest state of the art automated machines – Siemens Dimension EXL 200, Siemens Advia Centaur XPT Immunoassay system and Biomerieux Vidas PC analyser to measure different parameters in blood and other body fluids.

Dr. Radhika Pagey



Dr. Kishor Deshpande


Consultant - Pathologist

Dr. Chaitanya Munshi

Dr. Chaitanya Munshi


Consultant/Professor Pathology

Dr. Sonali Choudhari


Consultant - Microbiology

Dr. Jerestin Cyrus Watchmaker


Consultant - Microbiology

Dr. Shweta Deulkar

Dr. Shweta Deulkar


Consultant/Associate Professor - Pathology

Dr. Ashish Bohra


Consultant - Hemato Pathology


Gousiya Khan Jr Pathology Technician
Kalyani Karhade Histopathology Technician
Yogita Dhankhad Pathology Technician
Yashprakash Banode Pathology Technician
Pratiksha Raut Pathology Technician
Suman Yadav Pathology Technician
Ankita Pande Pathology Technician
Valsala R. Nair CMLT/Technician Pathology
Pooja Bangde Pathology Technician
Rasika Vaidya Pathology Technician
Prashant Chaudhari Lab - Technician
Pratiksha Chincholkar Pathology Technician
Pavan Sawale Pathology Technician
Sachin Pachkawade Pathology Technician
Ankita Patil Pathology Technician
Gunjan Walde Pathology Technician
Trupti Praveenarav Pande Pathology Technician
Prapti Nandkumar Deshmukh Virology Technician
Aarti Kawdkar Pathology Technician
Prashant Korde Flow Cytometry Technologist
Ashwini Urkude Jr Pathology Technician
Minal Karankal Jr Pathology Technician
Shilpa Deulkar Jr Pathology Technician
Sriparna Chakraborty Jr Histopathology Technician
Minakshi Irpate Jr. Technician
Ashish Thaware Laboratory - Assistant