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The advanced, affordable and precise cancer treatment made available at NCI has only been made possible because of the advanced diagnostics that are internally placed to ensure quick and better access during the course of treatments. The diagnostics contains an array of services which will help in early and precise diagnosis and treatment.


Cures to cancer are increasing with early detection. This becomes important today as one in three people develop a cancer at some point in their lives. Early and precise detection of the exponentially growing cancer cells is now possible through advanced radiological technology like X-Rays, CT scans, mammography, etc. These help locate, stage and diagnose the cancer and can be called diagnostic radiology. NCI provides best clinical and translational cancer imaging through the leading-edge technology and oncology specialists on board.

Laboratory Sciences

Laboratory sciences is an integral part of cancer detection and curing. The use of advanced molecular, chemical testing plays an important role in classification of cancerous cells at different stages in the course of the cancer treatment. There are various methods like hematology, immunology is done before and during the course of the treatment. The contributions of clinical specialist are detrimental and must be done accurately for the treatment to work. Hence, NCI has setup all the advanced and necessary clinical and pathological laboratories.

Nuclear Medicine

The advancement in the nuclear medicine has made it possible to give patient-tailored specific diagnostics through procedures that can image many of the biochemical and metabolic processes accurately. The PET-CT scanners, an advanced new technology made available to breakthroughs in nuclear medicine are used in NCI and have made it possible to detect malignant tumors giving prognostic information meticulously