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Department Of Rehabilitation

Cancer is not a full-stop but just a pause. The fight with cancer is not over with the cancer gone. The fight continues as we resume our lives with getting back to the normalcy of life which become difficult after the arduous process of curing of cancer. The rehabilitation facility provided at NCI for all the patients ensures that the patients can get back into their normal lives with ease. The rehabilitation process tries to make the life after cancer easier for the patients and care-givers by providing access to best quality mind and body conditioning.


Cancer therapies can make a person weak and cancer surgeries can also at times result into part of the body temporarily becoming dysfunctional. It takes immense time and effort to resume its normal functioning. Physiotherapy plays an important role in the ensuring complete physical mobility in the life of a cancer survivor. NCI strives to make life after cancer better for the cancer patients and hence provides physiotherapy sessions to all the patients coming in for treatment.

Diet and Nutrition

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapies and surgeries can cause side effects and also cell damages which might not allow a cancer patient to ingest regular food. The weakness and physical problems as a result of the treatment might also have special dietary requirements as food is the ultimate fuel for the body. NCI provides expert diet and nutrition consultation and care to minimize the pain and speed-up the recovery process.

Psychological Counseling

The incidence of cancer in India is increasing at almost double the rate with time. The progress in diagnostics and treatment of the cancer has increased the life expectancy of the patients and also the survival rates. However, there always remains a trauma and also psycho-social problems that the cancer patients face as a result of the diagnosis and treatment for the patients as well as the care givers. NCI as a health care provider recognizes the psychological problems faced by the cancer patients and tries to address it through the team of expert psychologist in cancer care.


Cancer treatment sometimes requires part of body to be completely removed if they contain cancer growth that could spread in other parts of the body. It is important to ‘look’ normal for the appropriate psycho-social conditioning of the cancer survivors. Prostheses which means man-made or artificial body parts used in place of the removed body parts. Prostheses can be for breasts, legs, testicles or even the wigs. NCI ensure prostheses are provided which are tailored for every patient which would instil confidence and enable the patients to feel ‘normal’ living after successfully beating cancer.


  • Breast Cancer
    • Shoulder wheel, pulley, ladder, prosthesis
    • Lymphedema kit, pressure garments : arm & leg sleeves
    • Mastectomy Bra
  • Head Neck Cancer
    • Jaw stretcher
  • Gynaecological Cancer
    • Vaginal dilators
  • Bone Soft Tissue
    • Stockinets
    • Orthotic equipments
  • Wigs

Dr. Pradnya Pathak


HOD - Rehabilitation

Dr. Manjusha Hinge


Consultant - Rehabilitation Therapist

Dr. Neha Mahesh Deshpande

Batchelors in Physiotherapy

Jr. Physiotherapist

Dr. Manjiri Charpe


Clinical Associate - Dentristry

Gargee Rai

M.Sc. Home Science

Consultant Dietitian

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