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President's Message

We feel privileged to be among the legatees of the visionary Dr. Aabaji Thatte. It is a proud moment for us as we actualize his vision in setting up a comprehensive cancer centre - National Cancer Institute - at Jamtha, Nagpur. We feel both encouraged and humbled by the unflinching patronage and support received from our patrons in the journey this far.

National Cancer Institute has been founded on the pillars of sustainable charity where no patient shall be turned away for want of resources, world class infrastructure conforming to international accreditation norms, state-of-the-art medical technology and importantly, an unalloyed focus on academics & research.

Cancer is a tough adversary. To fight this scourge, we are fostering an army of ‘Karkyoddhas’. Each stakeholder in our mission, be that the patient, the caregiver, the relative or our service associates is a karkyoddha. We have planned National Cancer Institute on the values of functionality, sustainability, energy efficiency, safety and aesthetics.

We will strive to lead the battle against cancer and provide assistance to patients and create programs to help train a diverse pipeline of future healthcare workers from our communities.

Our goal is to provide exemplary care to ensure that we hold ourselves accountable for performing in the top quartile for employee engagement, and the top decile for patient satisfaction and environmental leadership. We believe these objectives provide us a clear line of sight not only to our progress toward our vision, but also to our success in creating patient centric health care.

We owe it to all the stakeholders who have helped us achieve these results, either through their direct engagement, or through the constructive feedback we rely on them to provide us.

In keeping with that spirit, we invite you—and indeed encourage you—to share your thoughts going forward. We will take this feedback seriously and always welcome it.

Meanwhile, National Cancer Institute will continue to strive toward its vision of world-class cancer care. As we do, you have our commitment that we will be at the forefront in this war against cancer.

Thank You,

Adv Sunil Manohar