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Department Of Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a medical speciality involving the use of radiopharmaceuticals which is the combination of radioisotopes and biological molecules. Nuclear scans use these radiopharmaceuticals to see structures and functions inside your body. They use a special camera that detects radioactivity. Nuclear medicine is used for the both diagnosis and treatment in cancer care treatment.


Positron emission tomography (PET) is an advanced molecular diagnostic imaging modality. Fusion PET /CT allow precise localization of the diseased sites for optimal management of cancer patients. NCI has a GE 3 ring detector Discovery IQ PET/CT with 16 slice GE’s Optima* CT 540, designed to be the most adaptable and accessible PET/CT scanner. Its Light Burst Detector technology delivers highest sensitivity enabling excellent image quality with fast scans at low radiation doses. Apart from the conventional F18 FDG PET CT, the department also offers the highly sophisticated Ga68 DOTANOC PET CT scans for imaging Neuroendocrine tumours and Ga68 PSMA scan for imaging Prostate Cancer


The state of art latest GE DISCOVERY 870 DR SPECT /CT includes the latest in diagnostic advancements and is the first installation in the country. It’s a 16-slice system with an IQ Enhancement technology that enables highest spatial resolution and superior image quality. The latest technology helps reduce radiation dose by up to 50 percent with reduction in injected dose or scan time. Thus ensures patient comfort with better patient compliance. The data provided is used to accurately assess treatment response to guide treatment planning decisions.


NCI is first in central India to start its extensive high dose radioisotope therapy isolation wards with 9 beds. Certain malignancies like thyroid, liver ,prostate ,neuroendocrine tumours etc .can be treated with radiopharmaceuticals in higher doses and require isolation .Such state of art facility is provided at NCI with optimal radiation safety measures .Thus promising personalized treatment with more efficacy and lesser toxicity .


Nuclear Medicine Department at National Cancer Institute, is a cohesive team of healthcare professionals, technologists and support staff. Together in 2017, the Nuclear Medicine team performed over 3000 PET scans. In addition to providing clinical nuclear medicine and PET/CT services, our clinicians are involved in research on use of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents that could prove to be beneficial to our patients. The Nuclear Medicine team is working hard to integrate innovative diagnostic tracers and therapies to provide state-of-the-art cancer care for all at an affordable cost.

Dr. Chaitali Bongulwar

Dr. Chaitali Bongulwar


Consultant Nuclear Medicine


Sachin Kumar Gupta Nuclear Medicine - Technologist
Shrikant Choudhari Nuclear Medicine - Technologist