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Our Philosophy

Battling cancer together is the underlying motive of every individual, process and function at the National Cancer Institute. Each stakeholder in National Cancer Institute mission, be that the patient, the caregiver, the relative or our service associates will be viewed as a “Karkyoddha”. National Cancer Institute Offers a solution to the mutual dilemma of information and support to cancer patients that will prove to be powerful and effective.

Our vision as a cancer center is to be the health care provider and the employer of choice in India.


Cancer treatments are rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Smart selection of treatment that will surely be effective is the key to successful cancer treatment today. At NCI, we will provide clinical and laboratory infrastructure to health care professionals to practice the science of prediction in delivering cancer care.

• Molecular diagnostics
• Cancer genomics and bioinformatics
• Biomarker research


Precision at every level of cancer care, such as precision in radiation therapy, precision in extricating tumors through minimally invasive surgical techniques, and non surgical interventional approaches and developing and using latest targeted systematic therapies, will be emphasized at NCI, ensuring low risk and high efficiency.

• Advanced Imaging
• Interventional Radiology
• Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine
• Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery
• Access to Targeted Drugs and Rapid Availability of Novel Therapeutics


Of all the ways to control cancer, especially in India, we believe prevention and early diagnosis are the most important approaches. Through outreach programs, education of public and other health care professionals, we aim to spread and increase awareness about cancer, so as to prevent cancers linked to substance abuse, infections, lifestyle, and to increase awareness about importance of seeking medical attention early to enable early cancer diagnosis.

• Community outreach programs
• Health camps
• Educational activities for healthcare professionals
• Awareness programs in schools to “Catch them young” and prevent substance abuse and adopt healthy lifestyle


Every Participant is different and has unique needs in terms of disease characteristics, host characteristics, goals of treatment and much more. Patient care at NCI will reflect the same belief. Due importance will be given to develop a personalized treatment plan.

• Tumor Board approach for every patient
• Individual case managers
• Application of knowledge of Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacokinetics
• Bioinformatics
• Identifying patient population with unique needs such as women, children, adolescents and very old patients.


At NCI, we will follow an approach to cancer care that identifies all stakeholders as Kark Yoddhas, from the hospital staff, physicians and nurses to family members and other caregivers. In addition, participation and collaboration within and outside the country to facilitate uniform evidence-based cancer care and high quality research will help us fight cancer.

• Active patient participation in treatment decisions
• Knowledge sharing
• Collaboration with leaders in the field of oncology
• Collaborative research
• Exhaustive data compilation
• Increasing participation of primary care physicians.

Kark Yoddhas

In the fight against cancer, doctors are at the front line. We will give the best oncologists and other medical practitioners a platform that helps them in their quest for conquering cancer by enabling them access to world-class infrastructure. We will help them stay abreast with the latest and best innovations through affiliations with reputed international institutes.

We will provide access the latest in cancer care equipment needed for treatment; and most importantly, enable them to give back to the larger society and not restrict their knowledge and empathy to just a certain elite class. The institute also plans to start university-recognized training courses for nurses, para-medical staff and medical fraternity including super-specialty training in oncology and PhD programs.

Parivar Shakti

When the fight is against cancer, one never fights alone. It is just as much the family’s fight as it is the patient’s. That’s why, we will let the family and caregivers concentrate on patient's treatment & well-being and not on time consuming processes, running pillar-to-post or worrying about their food or accommodation. We will extend support to free them from operational and logistical challenges. We will also provide counseling to comfort them and give them a renewed vigor to fight cancer fearlessly. A 350 bedded residential complex with area of 72,000 sq.ft. will be available on the campus to accommodate accompanying relatives. We will also provide transport facilities for our patients.

Kark Sevak

In the fight against cancer, while family is support system, the support staff can be the best second line of comfort and support. They spend maximum time with patients, after all. That’s just why, we will ensure they see themselves as not just any other caregiver but as people who support and boost the patients will fight cancer from the core of their hearts with seva-bhav, irrespective of patients’ socio-economic background. They will also take ownership in lead management and seek intervention at the right time for the patients’ benefit. To render their services and grow professionally and individually, they will be backed by the latest cancer care technology, world-class training, and opportunity to further study and mentorship from best doctors.

Antarik Sangat

We believe domestic cancer care units - be it hospitals or other units – should and can be provided with all the support they need to win the fight against cancer. So, we will extend our expertise or infrastructure or its cutting-edge knowledge in cancer care to allay patients’ fear of cancer.

Sabki Ladai

Cancer is not one man’s fight. It’s not just their family’s fight. It’s not just one surgeon’s or doctor’s fight. It’s a fight society has to wage. We are in it together. If everyone contributes, in their own small ways, to the cause of allaying the fear of cancer for everyone, the fight shall be easier to win. We will galvanize the citizens of Nagpur from all walks of life - people who can contribute their time to come together as a community to help patients and their families fight cancer without any fear.


We will encourage corporates to give back to the society by supporting the cause of democratizing the best cancer care for everyone in India, particularly the economically disadvantaged and hence address the fear which cancer causes.

Ready to Fight Cancer

Cancer is slated to overtake heart disease as the biggest health hazard in the world, especially in the developing countries such as India. The story of cancer is a story of misperception, fear, death, incomplete understanding of the disease, inadequate infrastructure and access, amongst other factors. It’s time to change it to one of human ingenuity, resilience and perseverance. After centuries of discoveries, setbacks, victories and deaths, this infinitely resourceful adversary called Cancer needs to be fought in an increasingly new way: not just as a disease, but even as social stigma, the prejudice, the judgment that comes with it, the financial sieve it is and the emotional turmoil it can be for families.

What is our Fight?

Cancer grips you with questions, anxieties, panic and confusion. It’s more than just a disease. It is a fear, a cumulative one, at that: of society, of death, of falling behind, of judgments, of expenses, of looks and of your life being thrown out of gear. To treat cancer, it's imperative to fight and defeat these fears: emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and financially. And that is our fight. To not just fight the disease but everything that comes along with it, to not just fight it medically, but in every way possible.