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  • Cancer treatments are rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly complex with the advancement of technology in healthcare. Accurate selection of treatment that will be the most effective is the key to successful cancer treatment today. Hence, trained manpower specialized in oncology is the need of the hour. Post Basic Diploma in Oncology Nursing (PBDON) has been introduced to meet this escalating demand.
  • The course is meant for qualified nurses (GNM/B.Sc./M.Sc) and duration is for a period of 6 months.
  • This course aims to upgrade the knowledge and skills of trained nurses to create a cadre of Speciality Trained Oncology Nurses, who are capable of handling and maintaining venous access devices like PICC, Central Lines, Ports, Chemotherapy drug administration, Brachytherapy, minor surgical procedures, manage the common symptoms and care of the critically and terminally ill cancer patients.

To prepare a cadre of oncology clinical nurses,who can provide -

  • Advanced and Specialized Nursing care to the cancer patients in India.
  • Assistance to the oncologists in day to day management of cancer cases and improving patient outcomes.
  • Expert and professional Nursing Administration and trainings for nursing departments of Cancer Hospitals.
  • Assistance towards the mission of cancer prevention and education services by getting involved in the outreach community programmes and screening the target population.
  • Psychological and emotional support to the patient and the family by making them understand that the chances of cancer cure will improve by positive thinking, having self-confidence, family support, desire to live and fight the disease; having faith in God and the team providing treatment.

To enable such nurses specially trained through this onco-specific course, so as to -

  • Pick up cancer at early stages through continuous participation in cancer screening and cancer detection programmes.
  • Realize that quality of life improves with specialized care.
  • Decrease the morbidity and mortality caused by unskilled nursing.
  • Make effective use of the resources for desired outcome.
  • Display advanced skills required to manage oncology units.
  • GNM/B.Sc. /P.B.B.Sc/M.Sc. nurses under any discipline University are eligible for the course.
  • The student may have applied for Registration to MNC
  • Work Experience will be an added advantage

Step 1: Entrance Exam
Step 2: Personal Interview
(The selection will based on merit only. i.e. marks obtained by the candidate in the entrance examination and personal interview. Decision of the selection committee shall be final.)

Total course fee is Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) excluding GST, should be deposited on or before joining the course and will not be refunded, if candidate discontinues the course.

Dr. Sachin Jambhorkar

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Dr. Medha Dixit

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Training Department

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