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Our family & friends strengthen our core, and we understand that along with correct line of treatment, patient needs their dear ones even near to fight cancer from within. Hence, NCI is providing on-campus residential facility to the patients and their caregivers who happen to stay here at NCI for longer duration or have to visit NCI often for treatment. Patients & their caregivers having BPL card are provided with accommodation at no extra cost. Please remember to inquire about this at front desk on arrival; you’ll get all the necessary assistance from your kark-sevak as well.


Commutation from Nagpur city to NCI, Jamtha is provided to patients by NCI free of cost. Transport is available at regular intervals via buses and smaller vehicles throughout the day. Government Bus service is also available on Nagpur to NCI route for the inconvenience of cancer patients in the region. You can contact hospital helpdesk or visit our How to reach NCI page for more information on timings and bus routes.


Dealing with any ailment is never easy, being it cancer makes it even tougher; and lack of healthy & nutritious food makes it unattainable. Keeping that in mind NCI provides every in-patient and one accompanying caregiver two nutritious meals each day free of cost throughout their stay as an in- patient.


Being on outskirts of Nagpur city, it is evident that the area has limited resources. NCI is doing its every bit to fill this gap. Hence, a basic facility of ATM has been provided at the premises for the convenience to the patients.


NCI has a dedicated pharmacy for oncology drugs available at a subsidized cost. The in- house pharmacy is to make it easier to for patients to receive the best possible care in least of cost and time. The majority of cancer patients are troubled and weak due to medication or procedures, and many of them have to travel for longer hours in order to reach Nagpur. By offering them the ability to get their prescriptions fulfilled while they’re at the consultation, we save them an extra trip and make sure they’re able to take their medications on schedule.


At NCI, Counselors are available to help & support patients throughout the difficult times. After each consultation with doctor, a counselor from National Cancer Institute shall discuss with them their way forward and also clarifies any other queries they may have. We encourage our patients to maintain a note book where one enlists all the queries round the clock, it helps us to orient them with what to expect next. We highly recommend counseling process as it is utmost important for us to understand our patient in all aspects in order to reap positive health indicators.


Good hygiene or cleanliness is a basic requirement for good health. The importance becomes much greater in a cancer hospital setting, where patients are more vulnerable to infections than other counterparts. We, at NCI, realize the fact that though hospital helps people recover their health, it can become a potential source of spread of infection if people concerned are not vigilant enough. NCI provides completely sanitized premises with special attention to patient touch-points. We believe in and .support “Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan” run by state & central government. The mission is aimed to accelerate the efforts to achieve universal sanitation coverage and to put focus on sanitation, as. a fitting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 th Birth Anniversary. To acknowledge the cause, Gandhi Jayanti – 2 nd October is observed as “Swachchhata Diwas” at NCI.


We support Digital India campaign. Free 24X7 streaming access is given to all the in-patients & an accompanying caregiver. Inspired from Digital India Campaign, we are making an effort to further improve patient experience and enhance their stay quality. “We support Digital India campaign. Digital India” is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.


Patients visiting NCI comes from varied demographics from metro cities to far interior villages, from surrounding states to farthest of them, from India to overseas. Hence, the online appointment service came in place. Patient can seek appointments from the comfort of their home through our online appointment service and plan their travel accordingly. It is our extended effort step towards realizing the dream of Digital India.


Security service in a hospital ensures the security and safety of the hospital equipments, personnel, patients and public as well as regulates the traffic within the hospital premises. To maintain orderly conduct, 24 X 7 Security guards are stationed at NCI.


We understand the impact of harmonious environment on health. It is our endeavor to achieve such an environment in order to escalate quality of care and reduce patient recovery time. We adhere to IGBC Guideline for Green Building. NCI is already eligible for LEED Certification in Gold Standards and is making efforts to get Platinum Certification. Along with that, NCI boasts beautifully landscaped, large green spaces that are thoughtfully created to make the environment pleasant and serene so as to promote wellness of thoughts and faster recuperation of stress among patient.


At NCI, every registered patient is given a Patient Kit upon registration. In which, personal hygiene products such as hand sanitizer, face masks etc are provided free of cost. This kit remains with patient throughout the treatment and is refilled each time the patient visits for further consultation. NCI has taken this initiative in order to propagate awareness about hygiene and asepsis as cancer patients are very susceptible to infection due to poor immunity. It has been seen that better health habits always support treatment and reap better results.


NCI proudly possesses Vidarbha region’s first 790KW Solar Captive Power Plant in its own campus at Jamtha. The solar panels are spread over 2 acres of land which generates 3500 units of electricity. It spare a huge amount of thermal power for the region which otherwise, would have been used by the institute alone. The spending, thus saved, is utilized by the institute for treating needy patients through Cancer Care Fund. NCI is taking every possible step to make the institute building environment-friendly.


NCI has a dedicated Emergency Care unit for Oncological emergencies and emergencies during cancer treatments.