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About NCI

Cancer, a disease and a challenge for scientists, is a major health hazard and a scourge for mankind. It’s a medical challenge that transcends geographic, socioeconomic and ethnic boundaries; affecting people across the globe. Cancer is probably as old as the history of mankind. Significant scientific advances have been made in our understanding of this disease and its treatment. As a result, an increasing number of cancer patients are being cured and living longer. However, the majority of patients is still not cured completely and continues to die of this disease.

Recognizing the emergence of Cancer as a major health hazard on an epidemic scale in our country, the Governing Board of Dr Aabaji Thatte Sewa Aur Anusandhan Sanstha (Trust) decided to establish state of the art facilities for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancers. Nagpur being the medical hub of central India was selected to host such facilities.

National Cancer Institute is a one-of-its-kind cancer treatment hospital not just in India, but also in the subcontinent. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither should cancer hospitals. That’s exactly why NCI aims to facilitate access to a world-class, comprehensive and holistic cancer care eco-system for one and all - irrespective of caste, creed, gender, social standing or economic status.

Established under the visionary tutelage of Dr. Aabaji Thatte Seva Aur Anusandhan Sanstha, National Cancer Institute is a quaternary care oncology centre. 'Comprehensive Cancer Treatment, Patient Care and Research through sustainable charity' are three key phases that sum up the mission of NCI.

Proposed as a 470-bedded quaternary care oncology centre, NCI has a built-up area approximately 7 Lacs sq.ft. which will be scalable up to 700 beds in the future. Conceived as a comprehensive care centre, NCI demonstrates expertise in basic, clinical, and epidemiological research apart from state of the art world-class cancer treatment. NCI will conform to both NABH and JCI accreditation standards.

But NCI is more than just general cancer care. NCI is about Kark Yoddhas - a group of highly skilled professionals who will devote their careers and lives to eliminate cancer. NCI also specially focus on cancers affecting children and women. Nobody will be alone in the fight against cancer, ever. The hospital supports the concept of family centered care, whenever possible.

NCI shall initiate, encourage and nurture early phase, innovative clinical trials. NCI is in process of establishing laboratories to do basic research. It is conducting educational activities and imparting education to professionals in order to conduct activities in outreach and provide information on advances in healthcare for both healthcare professionals and the public.